Enhancing understanding
and intimacy


Suite 203B, 186 Albert Street,

London ON N6A 1M1




To Book An Appointment

To book an appointment, simply contact me by phone or e-mail and let me know what day of the week and time of day might work best for you. I typically see clients Monday to Thursday between 9 AM and 4 PM. Family commitments preclude me from offering evening or weekend appointments. Appointments are offered on a first-come, first served basis, and occasionally it might be two to fours weeks before a mutually acceptable time can be found for new patients.

Appointments are 50 minutes long and start at the top of the hour. Occasionally extended appointments are arranged, particularly for those who have to travel a substantial distance to attend my office.

The expense of therapy is often covered by extended health care benefits you may have. I provide clients with receipts for submission to their carrier for direct reimbursement. My rate for individual sessions is $300, and $400 for couple work (there are no additional taxes). Payment is due at the end of each session, I accept cash, cheque, credit, debt, and e-transfer.

My office is located at 186 Albert Street, Suite 203B. This is close to the intersection of Albert and Richmond streets, just north of the London downtown core. There is metered parking on Albert St. or in paid lots on either side of the street.

After you have fed the meter, make your way to 186 and come up to the second floor. There you will see a waiting area: just have a seat there rather than knocking on my door as I will be in session with someone in front of you. However, at our appointed time I will collect you.